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The Partners of Catapult Growth Partners (CGP) have developed a small business growth methodology called DESTINY. The method is based on first hand experiences working with dozens of small govcon’s and what we have witnessed from countless more companies in the federal market.

Phase I of our methodology is called the Dreamer phase. This is not meant to be derogatory, but we ask companies who are starting up, what is your dream? Why are you building this company?

We have witnessed many companies invest countless hours and dollars to get their business off the ground only to fail. And others who go from zero to five million in revenue seemingly overnight.

What we witnessed is the companies that succeed ten to realize that starting up is a volume business. That is, they realize that the fastest way to grow is to engage in as many bids as possible.

Notice we did not say write as many proposals as possible. Bidding as a prime contractor is a “heavy lift”. What successful small businesses do, is identify companies with a high probability of success and join that firms team as a subcontractor. Bidding as a subcontractor is typically not as heavy a burden as bidding as a prime contractor. The prime generally has client relationships. The prime generally has gathered competitive intelligence. The prime generally understands the clients challenges. The prime generally has spent time with the client shaping the RFP. The dreamer must develop a value proposition to convince the prime contractor (i.e.. The one with a high probability of success) to add them to their team!

If your firm is less than five million in revenue do not waste your limited resources writing dozens of proposals as a prime contractor. Your probability of success is much higher if you focus on your value proposition and position your firm as a subcontractor with a prime contractor who has a high probability of success.

For a free consultation regarding your business growth strategy or to learn more about the CGP "team" approach to business development, contact any of the CGP Partners.

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