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Catapult Growth Partners maximizes enterprise value for our clients by delivering these extensive service offerings.


Catapult Growth Partners is a strategic enabler to accelerate our clients’ organic and inorganic revenue growth.  Our team has broad experience in helping services and solutions clients grow in the Federal market.  Our Partners collectively possess over 400 years of experience in the Federal marketplace, complete with a network of literally tens of thousands of executives across government and industry.   We provide our clients with a measured and proven roadmap to success which helps them tackle head-on the challenges and disruptions that most businesses encounter as they attempt to grow.  With our vast experience we are able to bring to bear deep domain and market expertise that is critical to our clients’ success.

Business Growth Advisory Services

We offer an alternative model and change the traditional business development (BD) paradigm.  Instead of seeking the one person who does all things’ BD, our approach involves providing highly qualified resources with the specific skills for the job.  We supplement your team with  pure, ‘hunter’ business development resources and Capture and Price-to-Win experts who know the pulse of the market and thus are best equipped to capitalize on its rhythm.  Utilize another business partner to provide the winning proposal writing or proposal strategy expertise, and focus your own resources on the core of your business - client facing and delivery responsibilities.  This model allows you to invest over time while also limiting the risk of your investment, and also optimizing the skills and expertise you need when you need it.  This is the foundation for the Catapult Growth Partners Business Growth Advisory Services.

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Strategy Development
Biz Growth
AI Transformation

AI-Enabled Growth

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Catapult is empowered by a proven AI platform, Data Room AI.  Our offering is an end-to-end AI platform that automates much of the federal sales process.  From pipeline development, through acceleration of capture, proposal development and proposal review.  Our clients who are leveraging this innovative technology are experiencing increased throughput (with the same or fewer resources) and a higher probability of success.  It's changing the industry.

Data Room AI provides our clients with a proven significant competitive advantage that increases throughput and produces real-world results.  The platform automates the evaluation of a company and the development of a pipeline.  Accelerating capture activities and providing actionable information that can level-set the performance of your business development and capture team. It eliminates natural biases and saves valuable resources from hunting and gathering information.


Not only that, but Data Room AI's unparalleled proposal capabilities include GWAC response support (NASA SEWP VI, GSA Alliant 3), compliance matrix creation, past performance relevance to RFP analysis, compliant proposal outline with writer prompts, and much more.

Business Optimization Support Services

Catapult Growth Partners (CGP) offers a unique and cost-effective solution for small and mid-sized companies looking to optimize their business growth in the federal market. From federal market entrance strategy to exit strategy and everything in between, CGP has the expertise to help your business navigate the federal market. 


CGP Senior Partner, Carlos Otal leads and brings 35 years of federal market experience to this practice, including a role as Managing Partner leading a large federal consulting firm.  Carlos is supported by the CGP Partner team who possesses over 400 years of federal market experience. 

In addition, CGP has partnered with Trust Income Equity in the development of an innovative platform to eliminate the human centric waste in the federal sales process.  Whereas most of our competitors in this market are leveraging ChatGPT to generate proposals, our product DataRoom AI is an end-to-end AI empowered platform.  Beginning with the development of a five-quarter pipeline based on pWin, through call planning, competitive analysis, pricing strategy and the generation of an 80% ready proposal.  DataRoom AI is changing the industry.


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