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offers a unique cost-effective approach for accelerating the revenue growth and maximizing enterprise value of small and mid-sized businesses.



Hope is not a strategy

Business Optimization Support Services

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Catapult Growth Partners (CGP) offers a unique and cost-effective solution for small and mid-sized companies looking to optimize their business growth in the federal market. From federal market entrance strategy to exit strategy and everything in between, CGP has the expertise to help your business navigate the federal market. 

A different approach brings different results

Business Growth Advisory Services

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Strategy provides the architecture for growth, and so the work is just beginning. Catapult Growth Partners provides a unique cost effective approach to improving our clients pWin and driving revenue acceleration. Our Partners together act as a force multiplier in collaborating with our clients to identify and qualify opportunities, and build teams to win.

Leveraging AI to optimize federal sales

AI-Enabled Growth

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At Catapult Growth Partners, we have partnered with Data Room AI an innovative platform that automates many of the manual and labor-intensive activities associated with the federal sales process.  Data Room AI will accelerate your capture, increase your pWin and allow you to bid on more opportunities without increasing staff.  

Catapult Growth Partners is a strategic enabler to accelerate our clients’ organic and inorganic revenue growth.  Our team has both broad and deep experience in helping services and solutions clients grow in the Federal market.  Our Partners collectively possess over 600 years of experience in the Federal marketplace, complete with a network of literally tens of thousands of executives across government and industry.   We provide our clients with a measured and proven roadmap to success which helps them tackle head-on the challenges and disruptions that most businesses encounter as they attempt to grow.  With our vast experience we are able to bring to bear deep domain and market expertise that is critical to our clients’ success.


Catapult Growth Partners applies our proprietary methodology to lead our clients in accelerating their revenue growth and maximizing enterprise value.

Our clients engage Catapult Growth Partners for strategy development, pipeline identification and qualification, teaming to win, improving operational performance and growing through acquisitions and mergers.

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