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Many small business owners fail to transition from selling themselves to selling their companies brand. Many of these businesses owners got their start as an independent contractor and eventually found a way to staff other resources on the job they are working or on other tangential opportunities. The challenge many of these individuals face is when and how to disengage from being billable. The challenge many business owners face is how to stop selling myself and start selling my business?

This is a critical flaw that many small businesses face in their growth. Too often small business owners sell themselves instead of building and selling their companies brand. Too often these owners continue to be billable when they should be focusing their time and energy in growing their business through the next phase of their growth.

Catapult Growth Partners "DESTINY" methodology recognizes that small businesses must continue to evolve to grow. Too often we see companies that exceed five million in revenue, but struggle to get beyond eight or ten million in revenue. Too often the executives continue to be billable. Too often they make themselves too valuable to the client. Or they fail to realize that to grow their business and generate greater revenue they must free themselves of this billable burden. Growing your business takes a lot of time, time you don’t have when you are also billable. It’s a quandary that many small business owners face.

The key to a successful transition is to begin building your companies brand. Who are we? What are our core capabilities? What is it that differentiates our business from others? If your answer is based on your own capabilities, then you are doing something wrong.

For a free consultation regarding your business growth strategy and building your brand or to learn more about the CGP "DESTINY" methodology for small business growth, contact any of the CGP Partners.

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